Medical Camp Conductes at RCC Kumpala

by | Jul 31, 2016 | Latest News

A comprehensive medical camp was conducted at RCC Kumplala on Sunday 31.07.16. The camp was supported by the Kanachur hospital. Consultants from multiple specialties from the hospital conducted check-ups and if required patients were referred to the hospital for further treatment.

Medicines were distributed for free. Mr. Narayan, Mr. Venkatesh Kumpala, Mr. Sandeep and other members of RCC Kumpala organised the event. Rtn. PP Dr. Narendra Kamath, Hod, Dept. of Dermatology, KH was the facilitator of the event. President Venkatesh Pai, RCC chairman Nagaraj Palke, Rtn. Vinod D’Souza (Chairman, YS) and Rtn. Dr. Siddarth Shetty (Director, CS) were present at the inaugural. 203 patients were seen at the camp; 47 patients were referred for further treatment.

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