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Rotarians from our club at District Assembly, Chikmagalur in 1970. (L-R) PP Dr. H.D. Adyanthaya, PDG Dr. K.P. Ganesan, PP M.R. Prabhu, PP Dr. M Sreenivasan, PP M.D.Kushe, K.S. Holla, PP Dr. A.V. Shetty, PDG M. Devadas Adappa, P. Keshav Shenoy and PP N. Sunith Nivas.
It was on the 19th of August 1949 that eighteen leading citizens of Mangalore met at Canara Club in a meeting called by Sowkar M. Venkatesh Pai which led to the formation of the Rotary Club of Mangalore.At the meeting, Hon. J.L.P. Roche Victoria from Tuticorin, member of the Madras Legislature and Rotary Governor spoke about the aims and objectives of the Rotary Movement.

The Rotary Club of Coimbatore with Rtn. Nanjundaiah as president and Rtn. M.A. Billimoria as secretary spontaneously consented to sponsor a club in Mangalore. The first meeting of the provisional Rotary Club of Mangalore was held at the meeting hall of Canara Public Conveyence Co. Ltd. at 5:30 pm on 1st September 1949 where the constitution and byelaws of Rotary Club of Mangalore were adopted.

Rtn. V. S. Kudva was the founder president and M.Venkatesh Pai was the founder secretary. The club was formally inaugurated on 9th December 1949 at Mohini Vilas by Rotarian Governer G. Wignaraja.

Rotary Mangalore

Club Name: Rotary Club of Mangalore

Charter no: 15734

Chartered on: 26th January 1950

Club Strength: 86 as on January 2023

The club was presented its charter on 7th May 1950 by the District Governer’s nominee, Rtn. Billimoria, secretary of the Rotary club of Coimbatore. The Rotary Club of Coimbatore with Rtn. Nanjundaiah as president and Rtn. M.A. Billimoria as secretary spontaneously consented to sponsor a club in Mangalore. The first meeting of the provisional Rotary Club of Mangalore was held at the meeting hall of Canara Public Conveyence Co. Ltd. at 5:30 pm on 1st September 1949 where the constitution and byelaws of Rotary Club of Mangalore were adopted.

The Rotary Club of Mangalore is a part of Rotary District 3181 comprising of the revenue districts of Mysore, Kodagu, Dakshina Kannada and Chamarajanagar covering 81 Rotary Clubs.

Want to Contribute to any of Our Projects

Contributions to any of our projects may be made to our charitable trust. Kindly contact us regarding any contributions. Donations made to Rotary Club of Mangalore Charitable Trust are eligible for deduction under Section 80G of the Income-tax Act 1961 as per letter No.R-28/80G(R)CIT/MNG/09-10 valid from 01-04-2012 to perpetuity.




1949 -1950

19th Aug 1949
Eighteen leading citizens of Mangalore meet at Canara Club to listen to the aims and targets of the Rotary movement. The man responsible for this meeting is M. Venkatesh Pai and the Guest Speaker is Hon. JLP Roche Victoria, then District Governor.

1st Sept 1949
President 1949 to 1958: Rtn. V. S. Kudva
Formal inauguration and first meeting of the Provisional Club was held at 5.30 pm at CPC Hall, Kodialbail and Rotary’s constitution and bye-laws were adopted. VS Kudva was the first President, while M.V. Pai was the first Secretary.

9th Dec 1949
Formal inauguration of our Club by Rtn. Governor G. Wignaraja at “Mohini Vilas”. Also present is Rtn. M.A. Billimoria, Secretary of our sponsor Club, The Rotary Club of Coimbatore.


1950 – 1951

26th Jan 1950
The Rotary Club of Mangalore is admitted into Rotary International under Charter 7427.

7th May 1950
Charter presentation ceremony is held at CPC Hall, Rtn. MA Billimoria – District Governor Nominee, presents the charter.

15th May 1950
First bulletin of the Club “the mangalore Rotarian” is released highlighting the details of the Charter Presentation ceremony. The first editorial sub-committee comprises of Rtns M. VenkateshPai, P.R.R .Punja and H. Krishnamurthy.


1958 – 1959

President: Rtn. K V Kamath
  • Inter-City meeting of Clubs of Mangalore, Udipi, Madikeri and Hassan is organized by our club.
  • A new Club: Rotary Club of Udipi Manipal is sponsored by us.

1959 – 1960

President: Rtn. M S Kamath
  • The first Symposium on Traffic Safety Measures is held. One hundred “Halt & Proceed” sign boards are donated.

1960 – 1961

President: Rtn. A. UmanathRao
  • A “Book Bank” is introduced at Karnataka Regional Engineering College, KREC, Suratkal.

1961 – 1962

President: Rtn. M D Adappa
  • “Treat a TB Patient” scheme is introduced where every Rotarian adopts the expenses for the treatment of a TB patient.

1962 – 1963

President: Rtn. A. A. Bailur
  • The Rotary Club of Mangalore Charitable Trust is registered.
  • “Treat a TB Patient” scheme is introduced where every Rotarian adopts the expenses for the treatment of a TB patient is continued.

1963 – 1964

President: Rtn. Dr. K P Ganesan
  • The first Interact Club is sponsored in St. Aloysius school.

1964 – 1965

President: Rtn. Dr. M P Pai
  • The Physiotherapy Center is built in the Government Wenlock Hospital campus at a cost of Rs.35,000.00 and donated to the hospital.

1965 – 1966

President: Rtn. K P Kasturi
  • Voluntary Blood Donor Scheme is started.
  • Rotary Children’s park is built at a cost of Rs.20,000.00 and handed over to Mangalore City Corporation.
  • A new club: Rotary Club of Puttur is sponsored by us.
  • An Interact Club is installed in Canara High School, Main.

1966 – 1967

President: Rtn. M. J. Kamath

1967 – 1968

President: Rtn. P. Kamalaksha Rao

1968 – 1969

President: Rtn. U. RajaramMallya
  • The Rotary District conference is held in Mangalore.
  • Rtn. Dr. K P Ganesan from our club is the District Governor.
  • Three new clubs: Rotary Club of Moodabidri, Rotary Club of Bantwal and Rotary Club of Mangalore North are sponsored by us.
  • The Rotary Anns Club is formed.

1969 – 1970

President: Rtn. Sowkar M. Baba Pai
  • A primary school building is constructed at Kinya.
  • The first Interact Club is sponsored in Ganapathi High School.
  • The Rotaract Club of Mangalore Main sponsored by us.

1970 – 1971

President: Rtn. H. D. Adyanthaya

1971 -1972

President:Rtn. Dr. M Srinivasan
  • The land adjacent to Children’s park taken into possession.

1972 – 1973

President: Rtn. M R Prabhu
  • The Rotary Children’s Traffic Training Park is built at a accost of Rs.18,000.00 and handed over to Mangalore Town Municipality.
  • Rtn. Dr. M. D. Adappa from our club is the District Governor.
  • The Rotary District Conference is held in Mangalore.

1973 – 1974

President: Rtn. Dr. C R Kamath
  • An Eye Bank is established and handed over to Government Wenlock Hospital in memory of PDG late Dr. M.D.Adappa.

1974 – 1975

President: Rtn. Dr. K S PrabhakerRao
  • Silver Jubilee celebrations of the club is celebrated.
  • An Interact Club is sponsored in Ganapathi High School.

1975 – 1976

President: Rtn. MD Kushe
  • Interact Club is started at Canara School, Urva, Mangalore.

1976 – 1977

President: Rtn. B. Damodar Prabhu
  • A fully equipped Rotary Family Planning and Child Care Center is built at a cost of Rs.1,10,000.00 in Attavar and handed over to Mangalore Town Municipality.
  • The Rotaract Club of Mangalore Central is installed.

1977 – 1978

President: Rtn. K. Ram Mohan Rao
  • RI President Jack Davis visits Mangalore.
  • Rtn. U. Rajaram Mallya from our club is the District Governor.
  • The Rotary District Conference is held at Mangalore.
  • A new Club: Rotary Club of Mangalore South is sponsored by us.

1978 – 1979

President: Rtn. M. Ganesh Pai
  • Artifical limbs costing Rs.25,000.00 is donated to the poor and needy.

1979 – 1980

President: Rtn. Suresh Mallya
  • Nursery school building constructed at Shishu Nilaya, Jeppu, Mangalore

1980 – 1981

President: Rtn. M. Laxman Kamath

1981 – 1982

President: Rtn. C V Kamath
  • Seminars on Vocational Training are held. Classroom constructed and donated to Government School, Kinya.

1982 – 1983

President: Rtn. Sanith Nivas

1983 – 1984

President: Rtn. S S. Kamath
  • Medical camps are held every month.

1984 – 1985

President: Rtn. B. Mohan Nayak

1985 – 1986

President: Rtn. Chandrakanth Purushottam

1986 – 1987

President: Rtn. Dr. S R Ullal
  • Rotary Community Corps is started at Kinya, the adopted village of the club.

1987 – 1988

President: Rtn. U. Vishwanath Mallya
  • Classrooms built for the school at our adopted village, Kinya.

1988 – 1989

President: Rtn. Dr. A. V. Shetty

1989 -1990

President: Rtn. B M Sanjeeva Rao
  • A new club: Rotary Club of Mangalore Hillside is sponsored by us.

1990 – 1991

President: Rtn. C. K. Somasunder

1991 – 1992

President: Rtn. Dr. U. S. Mohandas Nayak

1992 – 1993

President: Rtn. PrakashPrabhu
  • The Rotary Bal Bhavana is built at Kadri Park and handed over to Mangalore Town Municipality.

1993 – 1994

President: Rtn. K A Jalan
  • Water beds costing Rs.20,000.00 is donated to the Physiotherapy Center at Government Wenlock Hospital.
  • Water pipe lines project is taken up at the club’s adopted school in Kinya.

1994 – 1995

President: Rtn. K.L. Agarwal

1995 – 1996

President: Rtn. Dr.VidyadharShetty
  • The Rotary Physiotherapy Center is built at Mangala Jyothi Integrated School at a cost of Rs.1,00,000.00.
  • 45 nos. of Jaipur Limbs is donated to the Physiotherapy Center in association with KMC Hospital.
    Rtn. Vishwanath Mallya from our club is the District Governor.
  • The Rotary District Conference is held in Mangalore.

1996 – 1997

President: Rtn. Srikanth Kamath
  • Fogging machines costing Rs.20,000.00 is donated to Mangalore Town Municipality to aid in malaria eradication.
  • Special chairs & equipment is donated to Chethana School for the handicapped.
  • Furniture costing Rs.50,000.00 is donated to Navachetana School.

1997 – 1998

President: Rtn. Arthur Gonsalves
  • The Donation of an Accident Relief Van, an ultra-modern ambulance, to the Police department is done on the occasion of 50th year of Independence. This is the 1st Matching Grant Project of the club.
  • Another first: Hosting of a family exchange team from USA.
  • Rtn Dr. C. R. Kamath receives the “Service Above Self” award.

1998 – 1999

President: Rtn. Percival Fernandes
  • Additional classrooms are constructed for Rotary Navachethana School at a cost of Rs. 3,30,000.00.

1999 – 2000

President: Rtn. SuryaprakashBhat
  • 50th Club Anniversary celebrated. Foundation stone laid for our Mega project to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of our Club.
  • Mobility training camp organised for visually handicapped in association with the National association for the Blind.
  • The first Rotary Voluntary Service member from our club goes to Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    Rotary Club of Mangalore launches its own website.

2000 – 2001

President: Rtn. Dr. RL Kamath
  • Mobility Training Center for visually handicapped is built.
  • Modernisation of the Physiotherapy Center is taken up at Wenlock Hospital.

2001 – 2002

President: Rtn. Nagaraj Palke
  • Further expansion of Rotary Navachethana School is taken up.
  • A District Seminar is conducted.

2002 – 2003

President: Rtn. Srinivas Kamath
  • ‘Suraksha’, the fully equipped ambulance van to is donated to the district police force.

2003 – 2004

President: Rtn. Ganesh Kamath
  • Construction of ‘Suraksha Ambulance Shelter’ at a cost of Rs.6,00,000.00 is taken up at Pumpwell Junction, Mangalore.

2004 – 2005

President: Rtn. Isaac Vas
  • ‘Suraksha Ambulance Shelter’ handed over to Mangalore Police Department.
  • A new classroom provided to Rotary Navachethana School.

2005 – 2006

President: Rtn. Ajay R. Kamath
  • Equipment worth Rs. 10 lakhs donated to the Dept. of Ophthalmology, Government Wenlock hospital.
  • A Mangalore Tourist Guide is printed as a fund raising project.

2006 – 2007

President: Rtn. Kalbavi Prakash Rao
  • A “Waste-to-Energy “project to convert wet garbage to biogas at a cost of Rs.7,50,000.00 was successfully completed at Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, Mangaladevi, Mangalore.
  • Funding for the bio-gas project was achieved through “ Matching Grants program “ of the Rotary Foundation .
  • Two Classrooms were added to Rotary Navachethana English medium School at Neermarga at a cost of Rs 4.5 lakhs.
  • Constructed two toilet blocks-one to traffic west police Station and another to Shubhodaya School , Vamanjur at a cost of Rs 1.0 lakhs.
  • Over Rs 15.0 lakhs spent on community service projects during the year.
  • The Rotary Club of Mangalore bags 26 District Awards including the “Best Club under all the four avenues of service” in the district.

2007 – 2008

President: Rtn. C. Devdas Kamath
  • Class rooms worth Rs 3,30,000 is built at Rotary Navachethana School.
  • A solar hot water system worth Rs.1,00,000 is provided at Bharath Sevashram, Kanyana.
  • Rehabilitation and Counselling Camp is held at RCC Neermarga.
  • Donation of almirahs, cabinets, books, notice board, fans is done to Navachetana School, Neermarga. Scholarships worth about Rs.3,65,000 is paid to deserving students.
  • For improving school facilities, Rs.1,00,000 is paid to St. Sebastian Composite PU College.
    Donation of Rs.20,000 towards teachers’ salaries in Govt. Primary School, Bolar.
  • School uniforms worth Rs.40,000 is given to children of Govt. primary school, Gandhinagar.
    The cost of upkeep of six children is paid to Bala Samrakshana Kendra, Padavu.
  • Free Dental camp is organised at Kanyana for children and in Neermarga (Dental & Medical) in association with A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute.
  • Ophthalmic operating microscope worth Rs.1,60,000 is donated to Govt. Wenlock Hospital.
  • Audio equipment worth Rs.25,000 is given to Seva Bharathi, annorganisation committed to help physically and mentally challenged children.

2008 – 2009

President: Rtn. K. Narendra Kamath
  • Child Activity Centre at the Regional Advanced Pediatric Care Centre, Government Wenlock District Hospital is taken up. RI awards the project as a model Community Service project.

2009 – 2010

President: Rtn. CA Ranganath Shenoy A.K.
  • The flooring of Physiotheraphy Centre done at Government Wenlock Hospital at a cost of Rs. 2.14 lakhs.
  • Rs. 2.50 lakh is received by the Rotary Club of MangaloreTrust for an opthalmic project.

2010 – 2011

President: Rtn. Satindra N. Rao, CA
  • A Gobar Gas Plant costing Rs. 1.53 lacs is donated to Bharat Sevashram, Kanyana.
  • Two new classrooms are constructed for the Rotary Navachethana School, Neermarga at a cost of Rs. 5.95 lacs.
  • A Solar Water Heater 300 lts capacity costing Rs. 56,500 is donated to Bharat Sevashram, Kanyana.
  • Five hospital type steel cots with mattresses, pillows costing Rs 41,000.00 is donated for use of senior citizen inmates of Bharat Sevashram, Kanyana.
  • One Water Cooler and Water Purifier costing Rs. 35,000 is donated to the Marigudi Temple, Bolar, Mangalore for use by devotees.
  • Under the District Project,12,571 students from 30 schools were covered under the Parent – Child Insurance Scheme for a total premium of Rs.75,426.
  • Umbrellas costing Rs. 22,000 are distributed to 200 students of Government Higher Primary School, Gandhinagar.
  • Medical camps organized benefitting over 750 patients.
  • Ambulance Shelter ‘SURAKSHA’, repainted and a new name board installed at a total cost of Rs. 20,000. A Gobar Gas Plant costing Rs. 1.53 lacs donated to Bharat Sevashram, Kanyana.
  • The club contributed Rs. 15,000 towards meeting one month’s expenses of Mobility Training Centre for the Blind at the Rotary Child and Family Welfare Centre Building Attavar, Mangalore.

2011 – 2012

President: Rtn. Er. Rajendra Kalbavi
  • Re-installation of the Bio-Gas Plant at Fr. Muller’s Hospital, Mangalore is done.

2012 – 2013

President: Rtn. K. Madhava Suvarna
  • Solar Lighting Project is taken up at Bharath Sevashram, Kanyana,orphanage and old age home is taken up at a cost of Rs 2,40,000.
  • A school bus is donated at a cost of Rs.15.75 lakhs to Rotary Navachethana School with the help of Corporation bank.
  • 20 computer systems are donated to Rotary Navachetana School, Neermarga at a cost of Rs 6,49,000 sponsored by Corporation Bank and Rtn. Ravichandran.
  • An Eye, BP and Diabetes check-up camp is organized.176 spectacles were distributed and 17 free eye operations are conducted at KSHEMA hospital at a cost of about Rs 50,000.
  • Nine school children’s books, school fees and uniform of Rotary Navachetana School amounting to Rs 76,900 is sponsored.
  • Amala Bharatha” Campain to keep Mangalore clean is conducted on 4th Sunday every month in association with M.A.Matt. at a project cost of Rs 60,000.
  • Five steel racks worth Rs 15000 is donated to RCC, Kumpala.
  • Fifty chairs worth Rs 18000 is donated to Ashoka Vidyalaya, Ashoknagar.
  • A band set worth Rs 10000 is given to Govt Higher Primary School, Bokkapatna.
  • Rs 20,000.00 is given to support two teachers of Govt Higher Primary School, Bolar.
  • Rs 20,000 is donated towards construction of hall at Govt. School, Padil.
  • 200 umbrellas worth Rs 16000 is given to the students of Govt School, Gandhinagar.
  • Free medical checkup camp is held at RCC Neermarga for locals in association with Fr. Mullers Medical College.
  • Free Medical Checkup camp is organized with the help of A.J.Institute of Medical Science at Kumpala.
  • Tree planting project is taken up by our club Navachetana School and RCC Neermarga.
  • A donation of Rs 6,000 is made towards one day’s mess expenses for all inmates of Bharath Sevashram, Kanyana.
  • Under the District Project, Student – Parent Insurance Scheme 4,998 students amounting to Rs 30,000 is sponsored by our members.
  • Water conservation project costing Rs.30,000 is done at Govt School, Kumpala.

2013 – 2014

President: Rtn. Oswald D’Silva
  • A record $25,000 is collected for the The Rotary Foundation (TRF)
  • Global Grant School Support Project (GG No. 1419390) costing $40,000 (about Rs.25,00,000) for the Rotary Navachetana School Upgradation Project is taken up: providing a science lab, library, staff toilet block, replacement of desks and benches, providing water purifiers and computers. The International Partner for the project is Rotary Central, Chester County in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Washing machine, towels and bedsheets worth Rs.25000 is donated to Samvedana, home for HIV infected children
  • Donation of rice, towels, toiletries worth Rs.30,000 are made to Khaira Womens Home & Orphanage.
  • Drinking water facility is provided to Bhagavathi School at a cost of Rs.54,000.
  • A medical camp for senior citizens is organised at Indira Hospital.
  • Nutritious supplements of about Rs.15,000 are provided to pregnant women through PHCs to reduce child mortality rates.
  • Under the Senior Citizens Committee, 125 blankets have been to the elderly at Bharath Seva Ashram and Walking aids and napkins worth about Rs.20,000 are donated to the elderly at Bharath Seva Ashram.
  • Under the Rotary Community Corps programme, a Medical and Dental Camp, Clean up drives and a tree planting program is conducted at our RCC at Neermarga and a tree planting programme is conducted at Kumpala.
  • A Beach Cleaning Drive at is conducted at Bengre.
  • Under the District Projects the insurance of about 6000 parents under the Parent-child Insurance scheme is arranged.
  • Rs.15000 is donated to the Mobility Training Center.
  • A full day workshop on career guidance & counselling is held at Aloysius College attended by about a 100 students.
  • Free Dental & Medical Camp is conducted at Neermarga attended by 183 persons. Free follow up treatment was arranged at the hospital.
  • Contribution of Rs. 45,000 is made to Mobility Training Centre for the Blind.
  • Rs.20,000 is paid towards salary of teachers in two government schools.
  • 28 beds are donated to the Abhaya Ashraya Old Age Home & Orphanage at a cost of Rs.1,35,000.
  • 200 umbrellas costing Rs.18,000 are distributed to children at the DK government school at Gandhinagar.
  • Contribution of Rs.1,50,000 is made to the Rotary Uttarakhand Disaster Relief Fund.
  • A seminar on Right to education was held for the Corporators of the Mangalore City Corporation.
  • Fans are donated for the Navachethna School Hall.
  • An amount of Rs.8000 paid towards school fees of a poor student, Ms. Veena.
  • A musical entertainment program is performed by our members along with food for the inmates at the Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged.
  • A Medical and Dental Camp at RCC at Neermarga with the help of KSHEMA is conducted.
  • Clean up drive and a tree planting programme at RCC at Neermarga.
  • Rain water harvesting was taken up at Kumpala school at a cost of Rs.40,000.
  • Vanamahotsava tree planting programme is taken up at our RCC at Kumpala and Neermarga.
  • “Save our Beach”, the beach cleaning at Bengre along with about 200 NSS volunteers is conducted at an expense of Rs.18,000.
  • Insurance of parents of 1425 children was arranged under the Parent-child Insurance scheme at an expense of Rs.8,500.

2014 – 2015

President: Rtn. Dijaraj Nair
  • Initiated the upgradation of Physiotherapy centre at the Govt. Wenlock Hospital with the help of District Administration (Rs. 20L), and Rotary Foundation under the Global Grants project funding (USD 37,000) which included the restoration of thebuilding structure and Supply and Installation of State-of-the-art physiotherapy equipments.
  • Annapoorna Day is celebrated by donating Rs. 2 20,000.00 worth of groceries for Swami Shraddhananda Sevasharam at Arya Samaj Road which shelters 37 under privileged children.
  • Project Angel is a major project initiative by Rotary Club of Mangalore in association with Inchara foundation to provide awareness on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). Other partners in this project are DDPI, DK. District, Socio Economic Forum, School of Social Works, Roshni Nilaya. Total beneficiaries reached till Date: 6139 children, parents.
  • Baggundi- The Lake of life: A major initiative in association with local organizations to clean up and preserve the biodiversity the 50 acre lake.
  • A sum of Rs. 1 150,001 is donated towards the Prime Minister’s Jammu and Kashmir relief fund for providing food and shelter.
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 36000 is given to the Mobility Training Centre for the Blind.
  • Trees for the Future – Tree sapling plantation program in association with Pilikula Nisarga Dhama was initiated.
  • Execution of Global Grant School Support Project (GG No. 1419390) at Navachethana School, Neermarga in progress.
  • Bed sheets & covers, clothes, rice and fruits worth Rs. 52,000.00 is donated to the Khairya Trust (Orphanage for Girls) jointly with the Rotary Anns Club.
  • Donation of woollen rugs and sweaters is made to Bharath Sevashram, Kanyana.
  • 50 Nos steel cots, beds, Pillows, bed covers and Blankets were supplied at a cost of 3.01Lacs to Bharath Sevashram, Kanyana, home for the aged. The project was under the District Designated Fund (DDF) program of Rotary Foundation.
  • Child Parent Insurance – 960 Children were insured under the Child-parent insurance scheme. E learning Kit provided to Baikampady Higher Secondary School.
  • Repairs of Benches and desks at Navachetana School at cost of Rs. 1 .90 Lacs

2015 – 2016

President: Rtn. Yatish Baikampady
  • Global Grant Up gradation of Physiotherapy Center (GG No. 1635750) at Govt. Wenlock Hospital, Mangalore has been successfully implemented and was handed over to Government.
  • Global Grant School Support Project (GG No. 1419390) at Navachethana School, Neermarga is complete in all aspects.
  • Training the volunteer trainers program – More than 150 volunteer trainers were trained in School of Social Work, Roshini Nilaya
  • Rs.25,000 from a fund raiser musical drama “GHOST, the Musical” in association with The C.A.U.S.E. Foundation is disbursed as honorarium for volunteers of Project Angel, an awareness programme on Child Abuse which has seen participation of 4,655 students, 2,266 parents, 125 teachers, covering 24 schools.
  • Safety Circle program for Child Abuse Awareness with participation by more than 10,000 school children from different schools of Mangalore city is conducted.
  • Navachetana School computer lab with 10 computers worth Rs.2.5 lakhs is upgraded with amount generated from a Charity Piano Concert by young Heba and Adam Abdulla.
  • Navachetana School playground is upgraded through District Grants Project at a cost of Rs.3.05 lakhs.
  • Workshop on ‘Hygiene and Healthy Habits’ is organized at Navachethana English Medium School, Neermarga in association with KMC Community Medicine Dept., Mangalore
  • Rotary Medimix WINS (Wash In School) a personal hygiene programme of District 3180 is conducted at Government School, Kudupu.
  • Financial assistance of Rs.30,000 was given to the Mobility Training Centre for the blind.
  • Our club is the prime sponsor at Kidney diseases awareness program organised in association with Kidney Patients’ Association at Town Hall on World Kidney Day 10 March 2016 at a cost of Rs.29,000.
  • A joint project of IADVL – KN, Rotary Club of Mangalore, Karavali Dermatology Society & Abbott Pharma for Traffic Policemen at Mangalore North Traffic Station and for beach lifeguards at Panambur Beach is conducted.
  • Five Waterbeds are donated to Ave Maria Palliative Care Center, Vamanjoor for terminally ill cancer patients worth Rs.10,000.
  • Beach Cleaning on International Coastal Clean-up Day is taken up along with the Indian Coast Guards at Panambur beach . A second one is held at Sasihithlu beach, involving about 500 volunteers & locals.
  • More than 100 saplings were planted in June at Pilikula Nisargadhama.
  • Over 1,000 Saplings are provided to customers of State Bank of India in Mangalore city to improve the green cover and create awareness.
  • Bond with an Elder program is launched in association with Vishwas Trust for the Elderly. Students execute Flash mob sequences in malls and the beach. Students from the School of the Social Work, Roshni Nilaya create awareness across the city through street play performances on sensitivity to the needs of the elderly.
  • Blankets worth Rs.20,000 are distributed to victims of Chennai Floods through Indian Red Cross Society, Dakshina Kannada in December 2015.
  • Under the Rotary TEACH programme, books and uniforms are distributed to children of parents working in Pachanady Dumpyard in association with St. Aloysius College, Ashakirana at a cost of Rs.25,000.
  • Lab equipments, Guides, Instrument boxes, Maps and an Inverter (power back-up) worth Rs.45,000 are donated to St. Aloysius Evening School.
  • A Computer lab – with 10 Computers and related furniture worth Rs. 2.5 Lakhs were donated to Sri Narayan Sanil Government PU College, by State Bank of India (SBI) as part of their CSR activities through Rotary Club of Mangalore.
  • An amount of Rs.26,000 is paid towards the college fees of Mr. Sagar Thapa, a Nepali national, victim of the Nepal earthquake of April 2015.
  • An amount of of Rs.24,000 is paid towards AC Mechanics diploma course fees of a poor student V. Chittaranjan from Padavinangady.
  • The Police building at Mahaveer Circle is repainted at a cost of Rs.18,000.

2016 – 2017

President: Rtn. M. Venkatesh Pai
  • The Blood Donation bus (BloodMobile) project initiated. TRF Charity Dinner conducted with highest TRF collection.

2017 – 2018

President: Rtn. H. Vasanth Shenoy
  • The Blood Mobile project completion and handover.

2018 – 2019

President: Rtn. Dr. M Vasanth Pai
  • CPAP apparatus donated to Lady Goschen Hospital. Chairs and Benches to Navachethana Kindergarten worth 4.25 lakhs.

2019 – 2020

President: Rtn. Jathin V. Attavar
  • Initiated the biggest Global Grant Project in the District – A Mobile Cancer & NCD Screening unit – with special preference given to women’s health, worth US$ 170,000, which has been approved by the Rotary Foundation. Sanitary Napkin Vending & Incinerating units for 14 institutes covering nearly 10,000 girl students under District Grant Project. A TRF Collection of US$ 25,000.

2020 – 2021

President: Rtn. Archibald Menezes
  • Rotary Amruth- Human Milk bank was conceptualized designed and implemented under Global Grant Project GG 2123577 at a cost of Rs 36 Lacs at Lady Goschan Hospital to save the lives of preterm born babies. The project was handed over to Lady Goschan Hospital in 2022.
  • Under the District Grant Funds, Created ‘e-Class Room’, a digital education platform facility at Navachetana School, Neermarga at a Rs 3.67 Lacs
  • Community Service projects worth of Rs 20 Lacs were undertaken during the period.
  • Two Dialysis Machine at the cost of Rs12 Lacs were donated to Wenlock Hospital
  • A 5 Stage water purifying system was installed at Navachethana School to provide safe drinking water to students at a cost of Rs 27,000/-

2021 – 2022

President: Rtn. Sudhir Kumar Jalan
  • Under the District Grant Funds, Computers and Lab equipment worth Rs 2.5 Lacs were donated to Navachetana School, Neermarga.
  • A Water Cooler was installed at Kadri Park.
  • Sports Equipment worth Rs. 15,000/- were donated to Besant Kannada Medium School.
  • 10 Computers were donated to Government College Mangalore
  • Global Grant Project of 2019-20, Women’s Wellness bus and GG Project of 2020-21, Rotary Amruth Human Milk Bank were handed over to the recipients.

2022 – 2023

Rtn. PHF R. K. Bhat
  • New ‘School Bus’ facility at the cost of Rs 20.35 Lacs under District Grant, provided to Students of Navachetana School, Neermarga.
  • A Dialysis machine costing Rs. 6.56 lacs was donated to Srinivasa Hospital, Mukka, Surathkal providing treatment to the financially backward people of Surathkal.
  • Dental and Eye check-up camps conducted at Six Schools covering more than 1750 students and Teachers.
  • Donated 25 nos. of 3 seater visitors chairs along with a water purifier with 150 ltr. capacity to Lady Goshen Hospital at a cost of Rs. 2.15 Lacs helping bystanders of Patients visiting the hospital.
  • Installed a Water purifier with a 100 Ltrs storage facility to Ramashraya school worth Rs. 28,000.
  • Miyawaki Forest was developed at Lady Goshen hospital at cost of Rs. 1 Lac. More than 260 sapllings have been planted with a variety ranging from fruit-bearing to Shree Gandha (Sandlewood).
  • Rotary Skin Bank’ was conceptualized & designed under Global Grant Project GG 2344111 at a cost of Rs 42.36 Lacs at Father Mullers Hospital, Mangalore approved and awaiting funds for execution of the project