Donation of Orthosis device to Girl Child Ms. Gayathri

A 9 year old girl, Gayatri , daughter of Mr Ajith Kumar of Payyadi, Puthige, Dakshina Kannada, could not walk due to a spinal cord disease, Meningomyelocele, which she had at birth and was operated for the same. Presently, she has a debility of the legs and cannot walk for life. Therefore, she requires an orthosis device (Bilateral Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis) to walk which costs approximately Rs. 20,000/-. Due to financial difficulty her family could not pay this amount. Rotary club of Mangalore decided to help her by donating Rs 20,000 to procure Orthosis Device.

Due to Generous contribution from our Club members, Gayatri was handed over an orthosis device (Bilateral Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis) on 26th January’2021 at KMC Hospital, Mangalore. For the first time she could stand with the support of this device and it will help Gayatri walk again. RCM President Rtn Archibald Menezes handed over this device to Gayathri.  Rtn Vishal Mallya and Rtn R K Bhat were present at the function.

Rtn Satindra Rao,
Rtn Archibald Menezes,
Rtn Dr Arvind Shenoy,
Rtn Divakar Pai,
Rtn Sudhir Jalan,
Rtn R K Bhat,
Rtn Bipinraj,
Rtn Rajendra Kalbavi,
Rtn Jathin Attavar,
Rtn Dr Arjun Nayak  and
Rtn Abhijith Shet
contributed to this cause.  We Thank the members for their contribution. 

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