Project Description

Traffic Management & Awareness Programme

The traffic in Mangalore city has become unmanageable and highly erratic due to a host of factors ranging from improper design and implementation of infrastructure development, bad and erratic driving and great difficulty in traffic management. This has led to travel in the city being very stressful and dangerous to the drivers and pedestrians. This project is an initiative to address the issue by aiding the authorities, improving infrastructure and creating awareness among the public and the authorities. It is anticipated that the scale and the scope of the project will necessitate the project timeline to be two to three years.

  • Community Service: Director: Dr. Siddarth Shetty
  • Chairman: Rtn. Dr. Arvind Shenoy
  • RI Area of Focus: Economic & Community Development
  • Recipients: Community
  • Projects Cost:
  • Funding/Resources:
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