Project Description

Smart Classrooms – Redefining Education

An Education For Children project that aims to improve the quality of student’s education through use of high quality curriculum-based E-learning (audio-visual) modules, to enhance knowledge absorption and learning abilities of children in selected State/ State-aided schools. This will also improve language abilities and better comprehension by students/ teachers through usage of standard language and pronunciation in voiceovers & concepts in audio visual format.

  • Community Service: Director: Dr. Siddarth Shetty
  • Chairman: Rtn. Naveen Narayan
  • GG Chairman: Rtn. C. Devdas Kamath
  • RI Area of Focus: Basic Education & Literacy
  • Recipients: Schools identified for this programme:
  • Projects Cost: $48,000, approx. Rs.32 Lakhs
  • Funding: Donors, Through RI Global Grants: in process
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